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How to find aliens and UFOs

We at Believers T-shirts would love to experience a real UFO sighting. We’ve experienced many sightings, but were never really sure. So in this blogpost we are going to share with you our approach on finding extraterrestrial life. As for the gadget freaks we are, we made a gadget checklist. Just for the simple reason to convince our wives we need this stuff.

Checklist to find aliens

  1. Wear proper clothing ;)
  2. Binoculars (nightvision)
  3. Stargazer
  4. Drone
  5. Latest mobile phone
  6. Playstation 5
  7. Star Wars complete
  8. V series on VHS
  9. Battle star galactica series on VHS

Let’s start with choosing the location. We don’t know if they visit our planet in a vacation kinda manner or if they are just among us. Some of us think they are the riches other think the zen. We like to think of aliens as intelligent beings, so if you don’t want to stand out, you have to blend in. That mkes it extra hard to actually find an alien.

Once you stumble upon one extraterrestrial you need to make sure to at first analyze and study it’s behavior. If you’re married you’d probably have developed highly communication skills. If tou ain;t. Check: